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PC Mall Product Types

We selling 3 types of products. The majority of them are Brand new but since we realize that are some opportunities for customer to shop other types of products we also list them on our site and we make it clear what they are. These categories are listed below.

  1. Brand new
  2. Open Box
  3. Re-certified / Refurbished

Brand new: New products as have been released from the factory with the advertised from the manufacturer specification.

Open Box: Products that have been open for demonstration purposes or just to show to people. These products are not not used or might be slightly used and are new with their warranty from manufacturer.

Re-certified: To rebuild or replenish with all new material; to restore to original (or better) working order and appearance. Typically are products sitting in big showrooms abroad and companies have special agreements with manufacturers so they will take them back inspect, repair and send out to market in lower price.